Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Randomization in Educational UT

Organic chemistry and library quizzes set up as maps in the Educational version of Unreal Tournament have been available for a few weeks now. The students running the library quizzes found that the correct answer was always in the same place relative to the spawning location and direction. This has now been fixed and the corrected maps have been uploaded to the wiki.

For the map developers:
This seems to be an issue with the educational version of UT. In the commercial version, when you teleport to a new map you can specify the teleporter where you want to materialize. In the educational version, it looks like it ignores all teleporters in the next map and you end up at the PlayerStart position. In addition, if there are multiple PlayerStarts, you end up in the most recently added one every time so this can't be used to randomize either. The solution I used was to put a single PlayerStart at random locations and pointing in different directions in each map.


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