Saturday, August 27, 2005

Avik's comments

Here are Avik Basu's comments on DrexelCoAS004 map:
(1) Instead of having one portal where we take the quiz, why not have a
portal at the Hagerty Library and create a little map of the library to
take some of the other quizzes. That way there can be other areas of
combat as well and create more scenarios.

(2) With the single player, there should be more characters to kill and
if it is possible, why not have some of the characters to be actual
professors at Drexel. Creating a virtual you or some other classmates
as being characters to chose from.

(3) I also didn't see any power-ups or any shields, that would be nice
to add and to provide more protection against all the enemies.

(4) I see that the quizzes were put up, why not have it placed so that
the weapon chosen can shoot at the multiple choice answers and the
right one chosen can have the player to move on or even if the answer
is wrong, create a trap where more competitors will come into the stage
and have another death-match. I think that will be kinda neat.

(5) I would like to see more quiz maps as well as some reaction
mechanisms where the weapon has to shoot a screen to get a particular
reaction created. I think that would be neat. Also having molecules
to shoot at in the screen would be a neat thing as well.

Overall, I think this would be a neat reason for students to learn here
at Drexel. I like the idea overall, more modifications would create a
greater output of students wanting to take Organic Chemistry at Drexel.


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