Thursday, March 02, 2006

Drexel Student Web Space

Here is a tip for any student who would like to publish web pages...students can host their web pages on the Drexel server. In addition, files can be uploaded to the server so that they may be downloaded by anyone on the web.

Directions from Drexel IRT:

Publishing a Personal Webpage

The variety of web services at Drexel can be overwhelming when all you want to do is create and publish a personal web page. All students and employees are granted up to 100 MB of space on our Academic Unix server, DUNX1. It's the oldest host in continuous operation in IRT!

To get an account on DUNX1, which is the first requirement for publishing your web page, visit the Computer Accounts Management Service site at See for help.

Once you have your Academic Unix account, you can follow our online tutorial beginning at, to learn how to publish your site.

For more information on creating your webpage, see

Both the SSH Transfer client and Microsoft FrontPage (one of the HTML-authoring tools), are available for download to all students, faculty and staff from the IRT software site,

Questions? Email or call 215-895-2698.


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